Ghost Stories

“You had everyone enthralled last night.”
– Audience feedback

“An hour or two went by, and then she started awake again.  Still too dark to see.  Again, she felt someone sit down on the edge of her bed.  And this time, she said, she could actually hear the bedframe creak under their weight….”
Storytelling at GreatTalesLive.netAlong with history tours and other history programs, I’ve also been leading ghost tours since 2002.  And since 2007, I’ve been working with Ghosts of Gettysburg, consistently ranked as one of the top ghost tours in America.  I’m well-acquainted with the creepy side of history, and with the fine art of creeping people out.


With Great Tales Live, I do something different: I bring the history–and the ghosts–to you.  I’ll come and perform at your meeting room, your bonfire, your business, or your school.  And I customize each performance to include local history (and if possibly, local lore) from your own back yard.
Typically, I’ll begin each story by sharing a piece of your local history.  I’ll connect that morsel to a bit of Gettysburg’s history… which, in turn, will lead to the ghosts.  So, for instance, an old historic theatre in your neighborhood might remind me of the Majestic in Gettysburg, where, late at night….  You get the idea.

You’ll get plenty of ghost stories, including stories I’ve learned from my own audiences over the years.  But you’ll also learn something new about Gettysburg’s history, and about your own history.  My hope is that I’ll see the light come on in your eyes… and that you’ll sleep with the lights on when I’m done.