Civil War Stories

“Very prepared, very educational, and quite entertaining.  It was a pleasure to be part of this.”
– Audience feedback 

“Imagine you’re a young woman, maybe 20, 25 years old.  You’re living in the quietest, most peaceful part of a quiet and peaceful town.  One morning, you wake up, and there’s gunfire everywhere, cannonfire everywhere, artillery shells shrieking over your house.  And now, somebody’s banging on your front door, calling for you to open the door.  Would you open that door?”

Civil War Stories - GreatTalesLive.netI’ve led more than a thousand walking tours in Gettysburg, focusing on the stories of civilians like Carrie Sheads, who suddenly found themselves in harm’s way.  (And yes, in fact, she did open that door.)

I’ve also given presentations all over Pennsylvania, exploring the part that each community played: as a home for abolitionists, as a hiding place for freedom seekers on the Underground Railroad, as a recruiting place for citizen soldiers, and much, much more.


Civil War Stories at GreatTalesLive.netThe following are just a few of the themes my programs often include.  (Pages for each are coming soon.)

  • Gettysburg Stories
  • Pennsylvania Stories
  • Women’s Rights
  • The Underground Railroad
  • Ghost Stories