Storytelling for grownups.

Hi, I’m Steve. Welcome to Great Tales Live: storytelling for big kids.  

“He was absolutely excellent.  Won rave reviews all around.” – Dauphin County Historical Society 

I design, produce, and perform one-man shows and storytelling programs for high school students, senior citizens, and everyone in between.  I tell stories for YOU, not just for your little ones.

I’ll bring you stories from Edgar Allan Poe that have been giving people goosebumps for 150 years. Stories from Charles Dickens, and the history behind them. True stories of the Civil War, right here in Pennsylvania.  Stories of abolition, and the Underground Railroad, and the fight for women’s rights.  And the occasional ghost story, too.

Based on solid research, backed up by fifteen years of teaching experience, and inspired by a quarter century of acting experience, these are programs that will intrigue you, entertain you, connect you with the past, and stay with you for a long time to come.

Based near Harrisburg, PA, I’ve performed at high schools, colleges, libraries, senior centers, and all sorts of communities all over Pennsylvania, and as far away as Atlanta. Wherever you live, if you have an audience, I’d love to come and tell you a story.

Just please, leave the toddlers at home.  It’s not that kind of storytime.