My audiences say…

Dickens at Keystone - interacting 2What do my audiences think?  Here’s a brief sampling:

  • “Fantastic production.  Enjoyed it very much.  Generated much thought.”
  • “High praise for your research, presentation, as well as your skill and diplomacy in responding to audience questions….
  • “[We were] reluctant to leave… at the end of the program.”
  • “Steve Anderson is very prepared, very educational, and quite entertaining.  It was a pleasure to be part of this.”
  • “Your delivery is musical… poetic.”
  • “Very well received by the audience.  [They] were delighted learning about local heroes and local landmarks from the Civil War era in their own back yard.”
  • “Absolutely excellent.  Won rave reviews all around.”
  • “Excellent job.  The show was amazing.”
  • “Virtuoso performance.  Riveting!”
  • “Reinforced my view of the incredible power of this type of historical interpretation.”

Have you seen one of my shows?  Let me know what you thought!